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Dr. Craig Lowrie graduated from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. When he was there he took extra courses on treating dentally anxious patients and learned new techniques for giving pain free anesthetic. He moved to Alaska with his wife and two children where he bought Advanced Family Dentistry from his predecessor and mentor Dr. Christensen. 

Dr. Lowrie and his family enjoy fishing, camping and skiing. They also like to hike with their two dogs, Ellie, a Newfoundland and Franklin, a Bullmastiff. Alaska is a wonderful place to be and Dr. Lowrie and his wife are happy to raise their family in this great state. 

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Dr. Lowrie focuses on three main aspects of dentistry: patient comfort, big picture treatment planning and performing excellent dental work. He understands that you may have had bad experiences in the past, but he will work to gain your trust and to make sure you have a good experience here at Advanced Family Dentistry. 


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