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When it comes to dental services, many can be planned, but there are also times when you need emergency care. You may have gone in for a cleaning and some x-rays and left with a root canal. Talk about a change of plans! Why can this happen sometimes? Let’s take a look.

What is a root canal?

Before we can talk about emergency root canals, we need to first understand what a root canal is. A root canal requires the dentist to remove the damaged area of the tooth and then clean and disinfect the area. It gets the name root canal because a root canal dentist needs to clean out the canals inside of the tooth’s root. Dentists tend to opt for a root canal rather than pulling the tooth if it can be saved so that your natural smile is preserved.

How do I know I need a root canal?

If you have x-rays as part of your routine dental cleaning or are visiting the dentist because you feel pain and end up getting an x-ray, it will identify the tooth decay and show where treatment is needed. Many times the x-ray confirms what you may already know…there’s something wrong with your tooth. You may notice the following red flags that could indicate that you’re on the path for a root canal:

·  Severe toothache during or after chewing

·  Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

·  Discoloration of the tooth

Many times the dentist will identify the problem and schedule the root canal for a future date. But there are times when he or she may decide it needs to be done right away. You may be a candidate for an emergency root canal if you have the above symptoms as well as tender or swollen gums or a small bump near the source of the pain.

Whether you get a root canal done as an emergency service or one that is scheduled, after a few weeks, a permanent crown will typically be placed on top of the tooth.

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