What you need to look for in a top dentist

When you need to find a new dentist, you shouldn’t just choose blindly. You should do your homework so that you can find the best dentist for all of your dental needs. While this may take some time, it’s well worth it when it comes to your dental health. Here are some questions to ask before you book your first appointment:

What is your educational background and experience?

This should be on the top of your list of questions because you want someone who has been trained well and has experience with a variety of dental procedures. When dentists have experience they are also aware of the latest dental procedures. Many more advanced techniques are less painful and faster, two things many people look for when it comes to dental procedures.

What types of reviews do you have?

As you do your research, be sure to look at what types of reviews the dentist has. If a dentist has positive reviews you shouldn’t even have to ask. He’ll want you to know how patients enjoy coming to the practice and the success they’ve had. If a dentist doesn’t want to share reviews that should raise a red flag that he may be trying to hide something.

Do you have flexible hours?

Let’s face it; the days of a normal 9-5 job no longer exist. People work all types of hours and shifts. That’s why it’s important to find a dentist who has flexible hours. When you’re looking for a local dentist in Wasilla, you will find flexible hours at Advanced Family Dentistry. That is just one of the many reasons why Dr. Lowrie is considered a top dentist in Wasilla.

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